Great Texas Warrant Roundup 2014


The Great Texas Warrant Roundup for 2014 is upon us again.  Each year multiple law enforcement agencies in differing jurisdictions across Texas work together to round up individuals with outstanding traffic tickets and other related traffic citations and bring them to justice.  The City of Austin, Texas has put together a list of all the law enforcement agencies taking part in the 2014 Great Texas Warrant Roundup.

Now, being arrested for a traffic ticket is just plain silly.  Maybe if you’re one of those folks who has 18 outstanding tickets this make sense, but this event isn’t about making sense.  The Great Texas Warrant Roundup is about making an example to all the community about how tough local law enforcement is and the importance of paying your traffic fine.  Now, we have our suspicions that cops have ticket quotas. And we’ve certainly known for years that traffic ticket fines have really just become a revenue stream for city and local government…but the government will get theirs, regardless!


If you have an outstanding traffic ticket warrant, there still may be hope for you to save money, yet!  We have traffic ticket lawyers in Austin, San Marcos, San Antonio and Corpus Christi who can help you get your ticket resolved.  Our lawyers can usually help you get your fine reduced and even get the warrant and traffic ticket completely dismissed in some cases.

Even if The Coquat Law Firm doesn’t have a traffic ticket lawyer to serve your particular jurisdiction, we are friends with quite a few other traffic ticket attorneys in other cities (like The Law Offices Of Robert S. Gregg in Dallas/Ft.Worth and Sullo & Sullo in Houston) and would be happy to provide you with a web link or phone number to call them.

If you need help resolving an outstanding traffic ticket warrant during the Great Texas Warrant Roundup 2014, give one of our experienced traffic ticket lawyers a call today!  210-745-2825